Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies. University of Granada

Professor of the Department of Business Organization of the University of Granada, his research areas are based on Circular Economy, Sustainability and Inclusion of people with disabilities. He has published scientific papers and book chapters on the subject of sustainability and Circular Economy.

He lectures in Masters in different Spanish, Latin American, Balkan and Caucasian universities on the subject of Circular Economy. Worthy of mention are the Master’s Degree in Materials Engineering and Sustainable Construction at the Polytechnic School of Linares, and the expert course on circular economy and engineering at the UCAM, Catholic University of Murcia where he teaches the subject Technological Nutrients. He also collaborates with the research group TEP-222 in the development of solutions applied to sustainability, and to the transition towards the paradigm of circular economy within the artisan, industrial and servitisation processes of the different productive sectors.

Also a member of various European projects related to the implementation of good circular economy practices in different productive sectors.

With regard to the inclusion of people with disabilities, he collaborates with the CIEES Foundation of the CECAP group to generate new job opportunities based on the paradigm of circular economy, so that new inclusive jobs may be created.