Architect, Secretary of the Andalusian Council of Official Architects’ Associations (CACOA), member of the Granada Association, with a professional career spanning more than twenty-four years, and experience in the public and freelance sector.

I have carried out building renovation works, adaptation for the reuse for public uses and tourist use ones. Wall and wood structure building renovations. I am passionate about structural rehabilitation and construction with timber. I specialise in management and consultancy within the heritage conservation and tourism fields. As well as projects for the enhancement of historical and cultural heritage.

I have also drafted planning documents, cataloguing and urban renewal strategies for public real-estate developers

  • Member of the consulting team for the new headquarters of the technology campus for Huawei in Dongguan (China), collaborating with the Japanese architectural firm Nikken Sekkei LTD. 2012-2015.
  • -I have developed the first riverside park in the Granada province, called Paseo del Genil in Loja. And drafted the Renaturalisation and Flood Control project for the Genil River, as it runs through Loja, in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team and the Loja City Council.
  • -The last time I was at ETSIE (Advanced Technical School of building Engineering) I had the pleasure of explaining the “Rehabilitation of the old Casa Cuna de Granada” project in 2015, repurposed for subsidised rental housing. Said project was possible thanks to AVRA’s technical assistance. Agreements were reached with the tenants for their relocation and subsidies were awarded for the rehabilitation of said building.