The Housing and Rehabilitation Agency of Andalusia (AVRA) will hold the II International Conference on Innovation and Sustainability in Social Housing (ISViS 2023), to give visibility to the work carried out for the improvement of energy efficiency and sustainability in its housing stock. The Conference’s objective is to generate a forum for experiences, knowledge and good practices exchange with other public administrations, businesses, and professionals. 

This conference follows on from the achievements of its previous 2021 edition. It aims to reinforce the example set by the public administrations, focusing on the good work done in terms of initiative development, and the practical implementation of innovation, sustainability, and energy efficiency improvement. As well as said institution’s commitment with industrialised construction and pre-fabrication, together with the demand of Building Renovation as a guarantee to maintain habitability and social utility, reducing environmental impact. 

Our objective is to foster dissemination of experiences and knowledge transfer, in a sector faced with new commitments and responsibilities, which are allowing it to focus more on sustainable scenarios. It is within this context that public administrations have become a referent, in the promotion of social debate and the dissemination of sustainability values among the general public. They also play a key role in redefining objectives, establishing the implementation stages, and managing the instruments and resources required. Reason for which, the conference aspires to become a forum for the promotion, exchange and discussion of initiatives, all clearly committed to professionalisation, training and modernisation of the construction sector. 

Thus, innovation and sustainability in social housing as well as in the urban fabric – especially in Andalusia – are a challenge for all the sectors involved. Because of its very nature -its social, economic and climatological context this region requires the implementation of specific, efficient and sustainable strategies, both from an environmental point of view, and from that of use and maintenance, which will allow to build a more resilient economy and society. 

In essence, this conference wishes to be a forum fostering scientific and technical knowledge transfer, hence why it has been designed as an integral and multi-sector gathering. Therefore, the target sectors are housing construction and management, more specifically public administrations and private entities, construction professionals, industry representatives, and technological companies, as well as universities and research centres.

Key dates

Abstract submission deadline

14th March 2023

Preliminary decision

21st March 2023

Full paper submission deadline

14th April 2023

Final decision

21st April, 2023

Submission of revised papers deadline

28th April 2023

ISViS Congress 2023. 2nd International Congress on Innovation and Sustainability in Social Housing. Scientific Secretariat – University of Granada.


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